what about your own audio visual streaming internet radio marketing service reaching directly to your target market

I am excited to introduce the ultimate yet very budget aware concept in dynamic internet marketing. Consisting of mixed rich audio and visual social media sources added to compelling campaigns. All aggregated and then focused and fine-tuned and finally wrapped in a thin simple easy to find app that launches on any modern mobile or desktop in a progressive web app ready for your best campaign ever! Included full performance monitoring and analytics that is tuned with ease. The most resilient and scalable cloud app architecture including top security and hardening even DDoS protection out of the box. Ready to get yours now?


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Sample and Prototype

There is absolutely no install needed. Just a single link click launches the application.There is no publishing to app stores involved at all. Thus no project overheads, fighting with their policies and rules which always cause many restrictions or delays.Instead a single click on the URL launches the entire application on the device. There is a suitable preview image and the link could be distributed using email, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin or anywhere else you could think of reaching your target audience!You are just left to do your planning and develop the ultimate campaign. There is also complete analytics available to suit all marketing budgets.

The Process

We will engage in iterative design and consultation sessions. They can be done entirely remotely or at your offices if you prefer.We employ the most modern open source and commercially licensed technologies focusing on the final progressive web app we are to deliver.The final PWA produced works on all phones and any desktop.



We have developedd a remarkably impressive marketing tool and we believe you would be interested, or at least we hope so.


We will get back to you soon!